Brad Byrd

Brad is Ben & Cindy Byrd’s son. He worked along side of his parents all his life in their many business adventures.

Growing up on a ranch he learned the value of hard work at a very young age. During his grade school and high school years he worked after school and on weekends at the families service station in California.
As the family business grew into buying and selling real estate, Brad continued to work alongside them learning business management and he performed much of the maintenance on their own holdings. He gained more experience in buying and selling real estate.
When Brad relocated to Oregon, He spent half his time in the field on maintenance & developing the properties. After Ben & Cindy moved to Oregon, he spilt up his time working alongside Cindy growing in to his role as the business manager and trustee of their real estate.
When Cindy passed away suddenly in 2008, and Ben retired, Brad stepped into full time role of managing the business.
He continues today in this role and also cares for an aging Ben and raising his now 13-year-old daughter, Cynthia Danielle Byrd who carries her grandmas namesake. (Pictured below)20151230_125115

Owner / General Manager
Office: 541-672-2958 Ext. 1001


$1,300 Per Month on 1-5 year lease

733 SE Cass Ave, Roseburg, Oregon

0 Rooms | 1,850 sq. ft. | Commerical, Business



704 SE Cass Avenue, Roseburg, Oregon

0 Rooms | 18,000 sq. ft. | Commerical, Business